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One of the best ways for you to achieve smooth, silky skin is through laser hair removal in Calgary. This revolutionary process can save you time, money, and hassle on many of your grooming routines. However, one of the questions that is most often asked is, “How long will my laser hair removal last?”


The answer to this question varies a bit depending on the individual’s unique situation, but a good rule-of-thumb is 6-12 months. For more information, please consult the information below:


Factors Affecting Laser Hair Removal

Pigmentation Contrast

The first factor that may affect your laser hair removal in Calgary treatment is the contrast of your skin’s pigmentation and the hair in the target area. Naturally, as the procedure involves the use of lasers, the colour of the treatment area will affect the final results. Dark hair against dark skin can take longer, as can light hair against light skin. 


Hormonal Changes

Another significant factor in the effectiveness of laser hair removal treatments is hormonal changes. A standard part of this treatment is the repetition necessary for it to take effect. However, hormonal changes from things like switching prescriptions or pregnancy can stimulate hair growth, even in treated areas. 


Number of Treatments

Additionally, the number of treatments will play a role in aiding laser hair removal treatments. As you treat the same area over multiple sessions, you will find a reduction in the amount of hair growth as well as the thickness overall. Typically, it will take about 5-8 treatments for a noticeable effect.


Type of Hair

Finally, another way that laser hair removal effects can vary is the type of hair you are removing. Usually, rough or coarse hair responds better to the treatment then fine, soft hairs. The best areas for the treatment are typically the bikini line, upper lip, chin, and sideburns.


Get the Best Laser Hair Removal Results

For you to gain the maximum benefit of laser hair removal, consider preparing yourself before the appointment. Avoid tanning or other skin-darkening activities if you have dark hairs, and avoid products that make your skin more sensitive. Avoid waxing before your appointment, but make sure to shave the area the night before also. As well, make sure you are trusting the experts with your treatment, and practice a positive outlook for the best results. 


Interested in laser hair removal in Calgary? Laser Hair and Skin Centre has been Calgary’s source of laser hair removal for over 15 years. It has the experienced staff and technology to make your laser hair removal process simple and easy! Contact us today for more info!


Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic treatment designed to remove skin conditions. These conditions could include the effects of melasma, stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and more. Often, microdermabrasion in Calgary is recommended by a dermatologist before people seek treatment for themselves.

The Process of Calgary Microdermabrasion

The process of microdermabrasion usually begins with a consultation with the professionals who will perform the treatment. There, they will examine the areas that require the treatment and may offer a rough estimate of the number of times you will need to have the treatment performed before it is effective. 

The treatment itself relies on one of two methods. The first method uses a very fine surface, usually made of diamond, to gently remove the skin particles from the treated area. The second method is similar, but the fine particles are propelled on to the skin, and occasionally a vacuum is attached to gather up the material and skin particles. Both methods are as effective as the other, and it will come down to the individual office as to what is available. 

Woman's Face Before And After Cosmetic Procedure

Typically, the treatment will take about an hour per session, and this is one type of cosmetic procedure that has almost no downtime. Very convenient for busy individuals. Once the actual microdermabrasion in Calgary is complete, an application of moisturizer and sunscreen will occur. 

After the treatment, you will delight in knowing that there are no immediate steps necessary. However, it is vital that you apply sunscreen to the treated area as it will be more tender and delicate following the procedure. Keep in mind that the process itself is not painful. 

Where to Find Microdermabrasion in Calgary

As mentioned above, finding a microdermabrasion service in Calgary should be done by speaking with your doctor or dermatologist. They will have suggestions to offer you, and can also comment on the effectiveness of the results you are expecting to gain from the procedure. However, you should be open to other ideas and clinics if you feel that you will have a better experience at another location or business. Just remember to stay safe and enjoy your new look!

Interested in laser hair removal in Calgary? Laser Hair and Skin Centre has been Calgary’s source of laser hair removal for over 15 years. It has the experienced staff and technology to make your laser hair removal process simple and easy! Contact us today for more info!

Today, you will not be learning about the chemical reaction referred to as electrolysis. Instead, you will be learning about the laser hair removal in Calgary treatment that is also referred to as electrolysis. This process has many of the same features as the chemical reaction, but it is used for a very different purpose.

The laser hair removal in Calgary electrolysis process is utilized to permanently remove unwanted hairs from areas around the body. This includes upper lip, chin, bikini line, armpits, and many other areas of the body. It is an aesthetic treatment that has amassed a large following in recent years.

Facts about Electrolysis

If you are struggling with unwanted hair it can be a real burden on your mental wellbeing. There are many reasons for hair to grow in unwanted areas, such as excess testosterone or hereditary traits. This is normal and common for all men and women, but there is an understandable desire to remove it if it causes you to worry or feel discomfort.

One of the first things you will hear about electrolysis is that it is painful. This is largely untrue, but there can be an experience of discomfort for some. However, much like dental work, the process has improved over the years and it has become more and more convenient and painless for those who choose to utilize the service.

Beautician removing hair with laser epilator

Another common statement regarding laser hair removal, by electrolysis, that you will hear about is that it isn’t permanent. Usually, this is combined with a statement about electric tweezers being the only permanent solution to removing unwanted hair. However, this is also false. Electrolysis removes the hair and destroys the growth centre for the hair follicle, rendering it useless.

Finally, perhaps the best part of electrolysis is the low downtime after the treatment. There will occasionally be some skin-reddening after the treatment, but this will fade quickly and you will just be left with smooth, hairless skin. Plus, with the ability to utilize the treatment in many areas across the body there is almost no limit to the areas that electrolysis can effectively treat.

Where to Find Electrolysis

There are many businesses in Calgary that will perform the electrolysis procedure for you. Before you choose the first result, make sure you do your research. Find out what their billing looks like, the availability of the technicians, and how much experience they have with this treatment.

Doing proper research will prevent you from having a dissatisfactory experience, and it will also give you peace of mind that you are choosing the right people for you. Ideally, you will also find kind, warm, and professional staff that will walk you through the treatment and give you assurances throughout the process. At least for your first time so that you are comfortable and happy.


Interested in laser hair removal in Calgary? Laser Hair and Skin Centre has been Calgary’s source of laser hair removal for over 15 years, and has the experienced staff and technology to make your laser hair removal process simple and easy! Contact us today for more info!

Laser hair removal in Calgary is an effective way to deal with unwanted hair or hair that is unflattering. This process is typically painless and easy and is ever more common with people of all ages. However, it does require preparation and research before the initial consultation, if you want to receive the maximum benefits from this service.

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal Treatments

You can prepare for laser hair removal Calgary treatments in many ways. One of the most common preparatory steps is to shave the area you would like treated beforehand. Of course, because the laser will heat the area, any leftover or overlength hair will likely get burned, and this is not only going to be a gross smell but may affect the treatment as well. 

It is important to note, however, that shaving is the only effective method of preparing the area. Do not try and pluck or wax the hair because that will likely remove the hair bulb, and it will not be treated successfully. 

Secondly, speak with your dermatologist, or the professionals at the laser hair removal centre before the first session. There are many precautions other than shaving that must be taken into consideration, such as the amount of tanning, skin type, and areas that will be treated. That’s right, even having too dark of a tan can impede the treatment, and naturally, because hair grows differently on different parts of the body, the area that you are receiving treatment for may require special preparation.

Laser Hair Removal Calgary

After Your Laser Hair Removal in Calgary

After your initial appointment, it may be 2-3 weeks before you see any difference, and, typically, 9-12 treatments will be required before you experience the full effects. So, don’t be discouraged if you still see some hair growth in the treated areas after your appointment. 

As well, remember that the treatment does expose your skin and hair cells to a large amount of heat. This is important because if you engage too quickly with activities that will heat your skin, such as exercise or sauna rooms, it may increase the growth of bacteria and cause an infection in the treated areas. 

Finally, if you are seeking laser hair removal in Calgary, remember that it will be a trying process. It will likely hurt during, and swell after so have the right mindset when going for your appointments. They will eventually be effective, and that is totally worth the cost and the pain if you are tired of dealing with those frustrating or unwanted hair follicles. 

Interested in laser hair removal in Calgary? Laser Hair and Skin Centre has been Calgary’s source of laser hair removal for over 15 years, and has the experienced staff and technology to make your laser hair removal process simple and easy! Contact us today for more info!

You’ve probably heard of laser hair removal and may be considering this treatment to get rid of unwanted hair. If so, you probably want to know more about the procedure. Check out these five interesting facts about laser hair removal in Calgary.

1 – Laser Hair Removal Sounds Painful, but Isn’t
Plucking, waxing, even shaving – people are used to enduring uncomfortable and painful treatments to get rid of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal sounds like it fits right in as the laser creates heat that damages the hair follicle. Thankfully, most people experience minimal discomfort during laser treatments.

2- Laser Hair Removal is suitable for all Skin Tones
Laser treatments can be used on all skin tones and for all hair colours. It’s most effective, however, on people who have a greater difference between their skin tone and hair colour because it’s easier for the laser to target the hair follicle.

laser hair removal in calgary

3- You’ll Need to Shave Before Laser Hair Removal
It sounds weird, but you’ll need to get rid of excess hair before having laser hair removal treatments to remove hair. This is because long hairs make it difficult for the laser to penetrate to the hair follicle; most of the energy is spent burning up the hair. You should avoid waxing and plucking though because you want the hair follicle to remain intact for the procedure.

4- Laser Hair Removal is Fast
Expect to be in and out for treatment sessions with laser hair removal in Calgary. The length of time varies depending on what areas of the body you are treating, but it’s a relatively quick procedure that requires no downtime.

5- Calgary Laser Hair Removal Does More than Remove Hair
Laser hair removal can also help reduce irritating, painful ingrown hairs. Laser treatments actually encourage hair to grow straight, if it grows back at all.

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Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular method for dealing with unwanted hair. It has fewer side effects and is less painful than other common treatments like waxing, plus it offers long-term results. Wondering how Calgary laser hair removal works? Here’s the scoop.

What is Laser Hair Removal Calgary?

Laser hair removal in Calgary is a medical procedure to remove unwanted hair. It uses a concentrated beam of light, the laser, to heat and destroy the hair follicle. Eventually, the follicle shrinks and hair growth may stop. Multiple treatment sessions produce the best results; usually three to seven sessions are recommended.

How Does Calgary Hair Removal Work?

During a treatment session, the laser is moved slowly over the skin. Areas with high pigmentation, namely the hairs, absorb light energy from the laser faster. The light energy becomes heat energy which damages the hair follicle. This is why laser hair removal typically works best for people with greater contrast between skin and hair colour; when the hair is darker than the surrounding skin, it quickly absorbs enough energy to damage the follicle.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

People often ask if Calgary laser hair removal is painful. Since the laser targets the hair follicles and hair doesn’t have nerves, the procedure doesn’t hurt. You may feel a little heat or a snapping sensation, but it shouldn’t be too uncomfortable.

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Calgary laser hair removal offers many benefits. It’s fast and effective with minimal side effects. The procedure is largely painless and you can return to daily activities after treatment sessions.

Get ready to toss out the razor, shaving cream, and waxing with laser hair removal in Calgary. By heating and destroying hair follicles, it’s an effective method for removing unwanted hair.

At Laser Hair & Skin Centre, we want you to feel confident in your skin. From laser hair treatment to skin services we offer the best treatment in the industry. Book your free consultation today!

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