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For some, achieving skin that you feel comfortable in and proud of can be a journey. While there is an incredible range of skin issues and autoimmune disorders that can impact the way your skin looks and feels, finding a solution isn’t as easy as determining the diagnosis.

Due to the value that we place on our skin, even the smallest of concerns can be a hit to our self-esteem. Hyperpigmentation is one such issue that many individuals can suffer from. Fortunately, there are skin pigmentation spot treatments available in Calgary laser clinics, allowing you to regard your confidence.

But what exactly is hyperpigmentation, and how is it caused? Let’s take a look.

Understanding Hyperpigmentation

What is hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which patches of the skin become darker in colour than the rest of the surrounding skin. While it is fairly common and generally harmless, it does have the ability to affect anywhere on the body.

This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces brown skin colour, forms deposits in the skin. Since melanin exists in every individual, just at differing degrees, anyone can experience hyperpigmentation, regardless of race.

What causes hyperpigmentation?

There are several causes that may trigger the additional production of melanin. These include:

  • Certain medications and chemotherapy drugs
  • A change in hormone levels due to pregnancy 
  • A rare endocrine disease called Addison’s disease
  • Excessive exposure to the sun without proper protection
  • Trauma to the skin, such as a wound or superficial burn
  • Those with darker skin tones, as they are more susceptible to pigment changes

Can you prevent hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is not always preventable, as your own body’s makeup will sometimes have its own say on the matter. However, sunlight is a major contributor to hyperpigmentation. Therefore, ensure you’re taking the proper precautions and wearing sunscreen and hats to help shield your skin from the UV rays.

Can you treat hyperpigmentation?

If you are experiencing hyperpigmentation, your best course of action is to visit a professional. Your dermatologist may recommend prescription creams, as they work to lighten the skin. They may also suggest laser therapy, as it has proven success in reducing or eliminating hyperpigmentation without scarring.

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Not all wish to flaunt their battle markings, whether they be acne scars or scars achieved through injury or accident. For those hoping to reduce the visibility of their scars, or perhaps eliminate them altogether, laser resurfacing may be the best option for you.

But what is laser resurfacing, and how will it affect scarring? Let’s break it down for you.

Understanding How Laser Resurfacing Works On Scars

What is laser resurfacing?

Laser resurfacing works by sending out brief pulses of light onto the affected area of skin, with the light being absorbed by water and substances in the skin. The heat energy from the laser removes the top layer of skin, allowing new, fresh skin to grow in its place. This results in an improved appearance. Laser resurfacing also promotes collagen production through this heat, thus encouraging the skin to heal with a smoother and more even appearance. 

How does laser resurfacing affect scars?

Since you are removing top layers of skin and promoting the growth of healthy skin in its place, you should see a noticeable difference in your scar’s appearance. Your skin’s surface should heal smoother, and any discoloration that was associated with your scarring should be gone from your top layer of skin.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

It must be noted that laser resurfacing works best on superficial scars. Deeper scars won’t be able to be removed completely, but you can significantly reduce the visibility, thickness, and starkness of them.

What type of scars can benefit from laser resurfacing?

Those with the following types of scars may be recommended to consider laser resurfacing

  • Injury scars
  • Acne scars
  • Burn marks
  • Dark spots, age spots, and other forms of hyperpigmentation

However, speak with your dermatologist or specialist first, as each body is unique and may respond differently to this treatment. Those with light sensitivity, for instance, may be directed towards other treatments.

Is laser resurfacing a painful procedure?

Laser resurfacing is a relatively painless procedure. Typically, a topical anesthetic is put onto the treated area prior to beginning. Some patients may require a sedative to help relax, but this is primarily due to nerves. The patient may feel a slight sting, but it shouldn’t cause anything more than minimal discomfort.

If you have any questions about laser resurfacing or want to learn whether it could be a procedure that could benefit you, feel free to reach out to a professional! They will be more than happy to advise you on the best steps to take.

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Understanding photorejuvenation, along with its pros and cons, may help you decide if this treatment is for you.


What is it?

Photorejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment designed to brighten and smooth your skin. Light and laser therapies are used to accomplish this. 

There are two different types of lights that can be chosen from when selecting this procedure: IPL and LED.


IPL, or intense-pulsed light, emits high-intensity light energy that targets blood vessels and collagen fibres, causing them to constrict.

This style of photorejuvenation uses a wide range of wavelengths. This means that professionals are able to target several discolouration issues at once, as opposed to targeting one problem at a time.

This is a popular option when wanting to treat acne-prone skin. The light kills the bacteria that causes acne, which therefore decreases the number of breakouts.


LED, or light-emitting diode, differs from IPL in that it utilizes colours. By changing the colour of the light, as opposed to the wavelength, LED treatments are able to target a specific skin issue.

Beautician performing photorejuvenation procedure

This treatment is a solid choice when it comes to rosacea. By choosing a red light in the LED, professionals are able to alleviate redness, uneven skin tone, and inflammation.

Does skin tone matter?

Unfortunately, photorejuvenation is primarily effective for those with lighter skin tones. This is due to the nature of the lights; they look for discoloration, which is often more evident in lighter skin tones.

This isn’t to say that individuals with darker skin tones are prevented from using this treatment. However, it’s recommended that a conversation is had with a professional first to determine whether the procedure would be beneficial for you.  

As with any medical procedure, take the time to speak with a professional. Understanding the advantages and risks associated with any treatment is important. Feeling confident in your skin is important, so choosing the best option for you and your skin is key!

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The idea behind laser hair removal is that it eliminates the need for shaving. So why do you need to go through the hassle of shaving before your appointment?

We explain why shaving prior to your laser hair removal appointment will make the process smoother.

Shaving Before Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Having a brief understanding of how laser hair removal works may help you better make sense of why you need to shave beforehand.

It is a medical procedure where light energy (the laser) is shone on the areas of skin you want hair removed from. This light energy turns to heat, which then damages the hair follicles beneath your skin. This then prevents, or at least slows, future hair growth.

Why Do I Need To Shave?

If the laser is producing heat, then it only makes sense that it will heat up what it comes into contact with. 

While this is, of course, the desired effect when it comes to your hair follicles, heating up the strands of your hair is definitely not the goal. Not only will it irritate your skin, but your hair can actually burn, leaving that not-so-pleasant burnt hair smell behind.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Shave?

It is recommended that you shave approximately 24 hours before your laser hair removal appointment. This relatively short timeframe allows for any irritations that resulted from shaving to settle while also not being so long that hair has already started to grow back.

Laser Hair Removing Epilation on hands

It is also suggested that you get as close a shave as possible to your skin. Handheld razors are often recommended over electric ones, as electric razors risk leaving the hairs too long.

Do The Rules Change After My First Appointment?

It will take a few visits to see results. In the meantime, hair may continue to grow on your targetted area.

It’s important that you continue to stick with shaving. Plucking, waxing, or anything in between can compromise the process.

If your next appointment is coming up and you feel there is too much surface-level hair, definitely feel free to shave. It’ll prevent that aforementioned irritation and burning.

Laser hair removal affects each body differently. Take the time to care for your skin before and after each visit.

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A photofacial is a cosmetic procedure you will have where a laser shoots pulsating light into your skin. This is called photorejuvenation, and is only of the many skin rejuvenation procedures you can have at qualified skin care centres across the nation.

It helps to make your skin tighter, to get rid of wrinkles, and to make your skin look younger and brighter. When you go in for skin rejuvenation in Calgary, this is the type of procedure you can expect to get. But what happens after your photofacial?

A Time for (Minor) Healing

Unlike a face-lift or some invasive procedure, you can expect some redness and perhaps some puffiness for a week or two. Though you shouldn’t experience much of anything beyond that. Pain and complications are very rare with this safe, outpatient procedure. If you do experience any issues, contact the physician at the clinic.

Stay Inside For a While

Just be sure to hide your face away from the bright sun. You are extra sensitive to UV light while your skin is healing. Sunlight might cause freckling or large dark spots. These won’t be permanent, but they still might make you freak out! So, stay in and covered up while your skin layers heal up and go back to normal.

Further Benefits of Skin Rejuvenation

When you go in for skin rejuvenation in Calgary, for instance, you’re going into a procedure that merely uses lasers to get to the topical areas of the skin. This means that you won’t have to go under the knife, and also that you won’t have to worry about long recovery periods with pain medications. Though what can skin rejuvenation actually do? That’s what people want to know.

Tattoo, Wrinkle, Freckle Removal, and More

Have you been considering tattoo removal? Many people get tattoos when they’re young and then grow to regret them. Or perhaps your skin has freckled up a lot and you want to get rid of some of these spots. There are many different aspects of one’s skin one may not like, and skin rejuvenation through a laser treatment can actually take care of these issues. It’s great for getting rid of things like tattoos and wrinkles.

Shock wave therapy. The magnetic field, rehabilitation. Physiotherapist doctor performs surgery on a patient's knee

Reduced Pore Sizes and Acne Scars

When you go in for skin rejuvenation in Calgary via a quality clinic, you can also touch up your face in ways that dermatologists cannot typically help with. Many people are unhappy with how large their pores are. Even when they go through skin procedures like dermabrasion, their skin looks fresh and clean but those gaping pores are still present. Laser skin rejuvenation can take care of this issue. It can also help heal up those acne scars.

If you live in or around Calgary, then there is a quality skin centre just waiting to help you with a range of issues via laser skin rejuvenation.

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Are you considering going in for a laser hair removal session? If so, you’re probably curious about how it works and what you should expect. 

Here’s everything that you need to know before you make an appointment.

What does the process involve? 

First, what does laser hair removal involve? Wne you go into a clinic for laser hair removal in Calgary, the main tool that will be used will be a mild laser. This laser will be used on the areas of your body where you want the hair removed.

The laser works by damaging the sacs that the hair follicles grow from. This will slow down the growth of hair or inhibit it altogether. It’s important to note that the laser is set to only damage the sacs and not the skin. The treatment is commonly used in the armpits, legs, arms, upper lip, and even the bikini line.

What to expect from the procedure: 

So what should you expect from the procedure if going in for laser hair removal in Calgary? The first thing you should do is make sure that you are seeing a dermatologist or cosmetic surgery that has experience with the procedure. There are also laser clinics that specifically specialize in this procedure.

Laser Hair Removing Epilation on man's neck and shoulder
Laser Hair Removing Epilation on man’s neck and shoulder

Next, prepare for the procedure. Avoid using skin care products on the area being treated. Stay out of the sun as you don’t want your skin to get damaged by UV rays. If you need to be in the sun, make sure you use strong sunscreen.

It’s also important not to pluck or wax the area for up to 30 days. The reason why is because you want to make sure the laser doesn’t have any issues dealing with the sac and hair follicles. You can shave the area as normal but you should avoid doing so a week before the treatment.

Post-Care Treatment 

The treatment itself is not painful. You may experience mild pain and sensations during the treatment. After treatment, you may experience some itching, swelling, and redness. After each session, you must avoid tanning and use sunscreen to protect the area from skin damage.

That pretty much sums up the laser hair removal treatment. In most cases, you’ll need a couple of follow-up treatments to see the best results.

At Laser Hair & Skin Centre, we want you to feel confident in your skin. From laser hair treatment to skin services we offer the best treatment in the industry. Book your free consultation today!

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Tired of shaving and waxing? If so, you may have heard about laser hair removal and thought about getting the procedure done. While there is a lot of positive sentiment about the procedure from many patients, just how effective is the treatment in reality?

Calgary Laser Hair Removal Effectiveness

First, you want to get an understanding of how it all works. When you go in for laser hair removal in Calgary, the specialist will trim the area that is being lasered. Then a light laser will be used on the area that is producing hair.

What this does is damage the sacs in the hair follicles. This will inhibit the growth of hair in the area. This doesn’t mean that the hair will stop growing forever. But laser hair removal is far more effective than traditional hair removal methods.

The reason why is because the hair will grow back very slowly. Most people will not see the hair grow back for several months. But for some people, the hair will not grow back for several years. And when it does start to grow back, it tends to be less dense than before.

That’s why you should expect to go in for multiple treatments for laser hair removal in Calgary. Results will vary from person to person but on a whole, most people require several treatments to keep the hair from growing back.

Beautician removing chest hair with laser epilator

When you consider the fact that regular hair removal methods require more maintenance, laser hair is a very attractive option. Some people will have to shave once or twice a week. Waxing can last anywhere from three to six weeks. Laser hair removal will last several months at the minimum.

And compared to the other hair removal methods, you won’t have to deal with as much pain. Waxing is very painful to many people and shaving can often result in nicks and painful ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal involves light to moderate pain depending on the area, but a numbing agent is usually used to help minimize pain during the treatment.

It’s also important to note that multiple treatments can often result in permanent hair removal. Many people that have gotten multiple treatments report that the hair simply does not grow back. For this reason, laser hair removal is an option you should strongly consider.

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People are drawn to laser hair removal in Calgary for many reasons. However, for all its benefits, laser hair removal does have a few side effects. One possible side effect is that acne can develop. Keep reading to learn more.

Laser Hair Removal Attacks Coarse Hairs

To understand the possibility of acne after laser hair removal in Calgary, you should first learn how the procedure works. When you get laser hair removal, you usually are going after thicker, coarser hairs. These hairs will have wide pores. When the hair is removed, these wide pores are still open and may have residue left over from the affected hair. As your body tries to clear the pores of this debris, acne can be the natural consequence.

Your Skin Can Be More Sensitive After Laser Hair Removal

The heat and light used in laser hair removal are safe and effective. However, exposed and renewed skin will be more sensitive. This is perfectly normal, and it happens after any kind of skin renewal process. Even though this is an expected result, you should be aware that sensitive skin can be more reactive to elements than normal skin. This can cause breakouts to occur from mild infections or irritations.

Man getting laser hair removal procedure at beauty clinic

Proper Precautions After Laser Hair Removal Can Keep Your Skin Clear

While the reality that acne can be a consequence of laser hair removal in Calgary may discourage you, you should still take heart. It is possible to keep your skin clear and beautiful after the procedure. All you have to do is take good care of your skin. Use gentle cleansers. Avoid oily products. Stay active, manage your diet and minimize how much you touch your skin. This is the best way to keep your skin hair-free and beautiful for months!

Interested in laser hair removal in Calgary? Laser Hair and Skin Centre has been Calgary’s source of laser hair removal for over 15 years, and has the experienced staff and technology to make your laser hair removal process simple and easy! Contact us today for more info!

The cost of laser hair removal in Calgary depends on a number of factors, such as the company performing the task and the number of sessions you receive. Luckily, we provide further information regarding these factors and more, just below!

Factors Affecting Calgary Laser Hair Removal Costs

Your Company of Choice

The company you choose for laser hair removal in Calgary will affect the price of your treatment. There are several reasons for this: the equipment they have available, the size of their operation, and their staff’s experience. Overall, the best way for you to ensure that you get a good deal is by shopping around and being an informed consumer.

The Number of Your Appointments

How many appointments you have will also play a part in your hair removal costs. Usually, people will undergo between 3-10 treatments before they see long-lasting results. However, the exact number of treatments can vary considerably, which means that an open and honest discussion with your clinic of choice is the best way to determine a rough estimate of the total number of sessions.

The Effectiveness of Your Treatment

Your treatment’s effectiveness is also critical to the successful completion of your treatment, and therefore, the final price. When you think of effectiveness, you should think about how lasers target hair follicles. Darker, coarser hair is easier to target, and the process of removal is faster as a result. Conversely, soft, light hair is harder to target because it closely matches the colour of the skin. 

A woman getting her hair removed from armpit are by a laser treatment in a beauty salon

This contrast means that your treatment’s effectiveness can vary depending on the colour of the hair being removed. Therefore, you may have to undergo further treatments to treat an area of the same size if the hair is a lighter shade, which will increase the cost.

Your Choice for Calgary Laser Hair Removal

At the Laser Hair & Skin Centre, we provide state-of-the-art equipment that effectively removes unwanted hair in areas throughout the body. Plus, our friendly and knowledgeable staff work diligently to provide you with a comfortable and rewarding experience during every visit. Give us a call or book a free consultation online today!

Interested in laser hair removal in Calgary? Laser Hair and Skin Centre has been Calgary’s source of laser hair removal for over 15 years. It has the experienced staff and technology to make your laser hair removal process simple and easy! Contact us today for more info!

The cost of skin tightening in Calgary is, naturally, a variable amount. There are several reasons for this, such as: the size of the treatment area, the company performing the procedure, and the number of necessary sessions. However, there are many benefits that belong solely to this procedure, as well.

Of course, the biggest benefit of skin tightening in Calgary is the fact that anyone can use the service. The laser machine uses a heating component that is safe for all ages, skin types, and many areas of the body. Although it also offers the key benefit of widespread appeal, that is not where the perks end for this product.

Indeed, one of the reasons for the resounding appeal and widespread popularity of this technique is the non-invasive nature. There is no need for a scalpel or recovery time with this process, which makes it the ideal choice before a night on the town or an event where you need to look your best.

Facets of Calgary Skin Tightening

The Company

The company performing the skin tightening procedure will affect your final cost. For instance, some businesses may wish to take it slow and advise shorter treatments at more frequent intervals, whereas others may prefer the opposite. Additionally, the amount of overhead for a given company may also cause your price, as a client, to rise or fall depending on the current market.

The Treatment Area

The treatment area will also change the cost of this service. For example, getting rid of stubborn belly fat may require many more sessions than reducing the appearance of saggy arms. Additionally, your expectations for the results may vary from another person’s, which means you may wish to continue longer to really achieve your ideal look.

young beautiful woman tightens her face with her hands

 The Number of Sessions

Finally, the number of sessions can perhaps play the biggest role in the price. The amount of time that it takes for your body to fully change will vary individually. However, as above, the area you are treating will play a part in the number of treatments as well.

Your Skin Tightening in Calgary Solution

Ultimately, the cost of a typical session will vary between $300-$700. The best way to get an accurate assessment of the value is by booking a consultation with one of our warm, professional staff. They can advise you on the necessary number of treatments and any potential methods to reduce the overall price by giving you a solution that fits your budget. 


Interested in laser hair removal in Calgary? Laser Hair and Skin Centre has been Calgary’s source of laser hair removal for over 15 years. It has the experienced staff and technology to make your laser hair removal process simple and easy! Contact us today for more info!

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