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Laser Hair Removal

Don't fall for the misconception that all long-term or permanent hair removal treatments are equal. Laser hair removal is still a relatively new procedure, and not all providers have the depth of training, proper education, and years of experience needed to fully master this advanced technology. Some providers are more skilled in marketing than they are in utilizing the proper equipment, and that is why so many people depend exclusively on the Laser Hair & Skin Centre for laser hair removal in Calgary.

It is our mission to give every client peace of mind, knowing that they are in the hands of fully certified technicians who are passionate about the elimination of unwanted and unruly hair. We utilize the safest and most effective treatments available, and we're always here when you want to eliminate hair from additional body parts or when you need skin rejuvenation or skin tightening services.

Consider us your one-stop haven for non-invasive procedures delivered with minimal discomfort. We also value your time, so expect to receive prompt and courteous service each time you visit.

Revolutionary Laser Hair Removal in Calgary

We only employ fully certified technicians who have attended top recognized institutions. Our technicians have undergone extensive training with the light sheer diode laser and other advanced medical grade machinery. Our facility is equipped with gold-standard, top medical-grade equipment that is well-maintained at all times. Our laser hair removal procedure destroys each hair at the root while protecting the surrounding skin from damage. While you may need multiple treatments to eliminate all hair follicles, you will enjoy long-lasting results that free you from the hassle of shaving, epilating, waxing or tweezing.

Our professional services are suitable for men and women and will work for virtually any body part. Whether you want to remove unwanted hair or eliminate the pain of waxing, we offer the most reliable laser hair removal in Calgary. If you want to work with talented, fully certified technicians focused on providing quality services, book a consultation with the Laser Hair & Skin Centre. We can't wait to develop a personalized laser treatment plan for you.

Here at the Laser Hair and Skin Centre we offer our clients nothing short of the best. The industry of laser hair removal, due to it being a relatively new industry in North American, has a lot of loopholes that can lead clients through advertising and marketing to think that some offer quality treatments, but in actuality, do not.

Laser hair removal is a revolutionary modernization that can now allow you to be rid of the burden of unwanted hair, on all parts of your body, for men and women. The luxury of being hair free allows convenience and less time wasted shaving, waxing and tweezing, as well as rids the embarrassment some face in today's society.

The procedure works by targeting the melanin in your hair follicle; the laser then concentrates its energy, penetrated to the root or bulb of multiple hair follicles, thus destroying the root while preserving and protecting the surrounding skin. You will find the highest efficiency of results with our medical grade, gold standard machines.

Call today for your free consultation to create a plan that is unique to your body, for your desired results.

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Light Sheer Diode Laser

For more information about the laser technology we employ at Laser Hair Center, watch this video. The imagery is a little dated, but the information is not.

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